Communal Security Initiative


Our Jewish communities and institutions often face a difficult dilemma: How do we remain inclusive and inviting while being safe and secure? How can we welcome the stranger at a time when antisemitic violence is on the rise?
CJP addresses these issues through the work of our Communal Security Initiative (CSI), which provides security support at no cost to more than 200 Jewish organizations in the Greater Boston area.

The Communal Security Initiative strengthens the Jewish community and builds resilience through education and training, grant support, security assessments, emergency communications, and law enforcement partnerships.


The CSI partners with more than 185 organizations, including 14 Jewish day schools, 40 early education centers, more than 100 synagogues, 30 Chabads, two JCCs, and dozens of other Jewish agencies and institutions which sustain our community.

Since January 2020, the CSI has:

  • Conducted 50 leadership and board meetings for Jewish day schools, synagogues, Chabads, JCCs, and early education centers on safety, security, and COVID-19-related challenges 
  • Offered $1 million in security infrastructure grants 
  • Provided 130 Care Reopening Kits to Jewish communal organizations, including hand sanitizer, dispensers, and posters to support cautious reopening and High Holiday events


In 2019, the CSI presented 80 communal security trainings to more than 2,000 people and conducted 130 individual consultations and direct meetings.

$2.2 million

In 2020, the Department of Homeland Security and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts awarded $2.2 million in non-profit security grants to Jewish organizations across the state. CJP's Communal Security Initiative provided training, guidance, and coordination to support institutions in their grant applications and during the post-award processes.