Caring for people when they’re vulnerable  |  Strengthening organizational partners  |  Creating vibrant Jewish life


One thing is certain: 
We’re all vulnerable at some point in our lives. 


The question is, how can our Jewish community be there when we need it most? In partnership with a thriving network of Jewish organizations, we work to identify and address fundamental needs. These include access to food, housing, mental health support, employment services, and services for seniors. 

households have received support from CJP’s Anti-Poverty Initiative.


of participants in Path to Well-being (a free, virtual program) had a recovery for anxiety symptoms after completing the program.


raised in emergency funding for the Jewish community in Dnipro, Ukraine to provide food, shelter, and other humanitarian needs in the face of a Russian invasion.

hot meals will be provided to families in need of support this Passover, in partnership with Jewish Family Service of Metrowest.

Job searching with a guide leads to success

Like so many other people during the pandemic, Rabbi Marcie Kamerow found herself in a turbulent job market. See what she has to say about the no-cost Jewish Re-employment Program (JREP). 

“Ten days later, everything shut down and the world went on pause…My job search kept on going. And going. And going. ”

— Rabbi Marcie Kamerow


The healing power of art


Creating art can help us slow down, connect, and express ourselves. See how art therapy nurtured caregivers — including social workers, rabbis, and teachers — in our community.

“We’re reminding people that not only is it OK for them to replenish themselves, but it’s necessary.” 

— Sara Roizen, Art Therapist



Ensuring hygiene security


Did you know that SNAP benefits don’t cover hygiene products? We believe everyone deserves to feel clean and comfortable, so CJP provided $10,000 to help 2021 CNN Hero Jeff Feingold distribute more than two million toiletry items this year.

“No one should have to go through their day worried about how they look, smell, or feel because they can’t afford a simple bar of soap or tube of toothpaste.” 

— Jeff Feingold, President and Founder of Hope & Comfort