Caring for Vulnerable People


As the events of the last year have proven, all of us can be vulnerable at some point in our lives. We’ve also seen that a caring community can make all the difference in how we react and recover from challenging times. CJP works with partner organizations to cultivate Jewish communities of belonging and connection where we care for one another, decrease social isolation, and foster a more welcoming and inclusive community. 

Meeting Basic Needs
Housing, food, employment, mental health — these are some of the basics our community needs to thrive. This year especially, CJP was focused on making sure that people had access to services and programs, from one-time crisis assistance to more in-depth help from our Anti-Poverty Initiative.

Global Caring
Our sense of Jewish community — and our desire to help others — isn’t limited by borders or geography. See how we’re making a difference beyond Greater Boston.

Older Adults
As we age, we need the security of home, the support of friends and family, and the comfort that our Jewish community can provide. See how we’re enriching the lives of our elders.

Tzedek (Social Justice)
Our tradition of caring for the vulnerable is inextricably linked to our search for justice, and our effort to repair the world. We’re collaborating with expert organizations to make a bigger difference on immigration, housing, and other critical issues.

Including people of all abilities
What happens when our community welcomes and includes everyone? We all get stronger and closer to reaching our true potential. See the strides we’re making.


Since March, CJP has provided more than $10 million to our community in support of COVID-19 relief efforts. Below you’ll find a recent presentation* from CJP's Sarah Abramson who explains our efforts. You can also view our COVID-19 Response dashboard which details where the funds came from, how they were put to work, and a timeline of our response.

*October 2020


Unless otherwise noted, data reflects June 2019-September 2020 timeframe.