Global Caring


Our care for the Jewish community transcends borders and our collective impact is felt around the globe — from Israel to Ukraine to the Jewish community in Argentina. We’ve spent decades strengthening mutually beneficial bonds that empower the worldwide Jewish community to enhance their quality of life and create a vibrant future.

We enabled 41 seniors to receive nursing care in the only Jewish senior home in the Former Soviet Union.


With funding from CJP, the Jewish Medical Center in Dnipro, Ukraine was able to provide 7,040 patients with medical resources and care.

Designed to serve young mothers in Dnipro, Ukraine who face poverty, alcoholism, and economic disparity, CJP’s Visiting Moms Program made 480 visits to new mothers. The program also includes an audio and video library featuring information from gynecologists, psychologists, and related specialists.

In partnership with Boston-based Action for Post-Soviet Jewry, we helped to provide 7,560 food baskets, including medicine and other basic needs, to at-risk and in-need seniors in Dnipro, Ukraine.

CJP has partnered with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) for many years. With our support, in response to COVID-19, the JDC was able to reach more than 185,000 of the most vulnerable Jews worldwide in Israel, Argentina, the Former Soviet Union, and across Europe.

With funding from CJP and others, the Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC) supported approximately two million people in Israel last year. The ITC provides mental and psychosocial resources to individuals, families, communities, and care providers.

Pekado Wandmagen, a Netivim program participant, shares how your generosity of CJP's Coronavirus Fund helped him receive a laptop for his studies amid COVID-19.


Thanks to the generous support of our community, CJP has provided:
  • $171,000 to Dnipro, Ukraine, for medical supplies and equipment, including an ultrasound machine to help diagnose COVID-19
  • $160,000 to Haifa, Israel, to meet increasing needs, including support for at-risk families through CJP's Parents at the Center 
  • $50,000 to the Jewish community in Argentina to provide laptops for remote education for children in vulnerable families and to fund the delivery of medicine and food to beneficiaries for two months 

Read more about our grants through the CJP Coronavirus Emergency Fund.