CJP’s 2024 Superstars


Every year, CJP recognizes volunteers who make a positive impact in our community. Meet the individuals who are raising more money, engaging more people, and driving innovation through CJP.

A CJP Superstar:

  • ADVOCATES for our community; talks about CJP and how we help people in Greater Boston, Israel, and overseas
  • CONNECTS others to our work; leverages social, professional, and personal networks while educating peers and starting conversations about CJP
  • SUPPORTS CJP by securing new and increased gifts and by getting gift commitments in early
  • BUILDS our community by participating in important decisions
  • ENGAGES people in our work; brings others to events and community activities

This month's honorees

Hope Sidman

Hope Sidman has won the CJP Superstar award for her instrumental leadership in CJP's work in combating antisemitism. She has actively engaged her friends and family in these efforts, amplifying the impact of her dedication. Recently, Hope chaired the PMC dinner at her home, successfully introducing CJP's most generous donors to CJP’s Center for Combating Antisemitism.


Diana Lloyd

As a dedicated volunteer lay leader, Diana has played a crucial role in significantly contributing to the evolution of CJP's Center for Combating Antisemitism’s (CCA) workplace strategy. As a member of CJP's Antisemitism Action Committee, a one-year pilot to explore innovative and actionable ideas, she brought immediate enthusiasm and a strong drive for action.


Caroline Dorn, Kasey LeBlanc, Michael Vonnoh

Caroline, Kasey, and Michael have been nominated as CJP Superstars because they have dedicated so much of their time to ensuring that CJP's LGBTQIA+ offerings are authentic, meaningful, inclusive, and warm conduits for connection. Through their facilitation of our committee meetings to providing important insight on event components, they have truly mastered what it means to be CJP superstars.