CJP’s 2023 Superstars


Every year, CJP recognizes volunteers who make a positive impact in our community. Meet the individuals who are raising more money, engaging more people, and driving innovation through CJP.


A CJP Superstar:

  • ADVOCATES for our community; talks about CJP and how we help people in Greater Boston, Israel, and overseas
  • CONNECTS others to our work; leverages social, professional, and personal networks while educating peers and starting conversations about CJP
  • SUPPORTS CJP by securing new and increased gifts and by getting gift commitments in early
  • BUILDS our community by participating in important decisions
  • ENGAGES people in our work; brings others to events and community activities

This month's honorees

Elie Codron

Elie is a Northeastern University graduate student who has been involved with CJP initiatives throughout his collegiate experience. He served on the Campus Community Impact Grant Review Committee this past year, helping to award local organizations with funding for new and innovative ways to cultivate Jewish life on campus.


Edward S. Katersky

Ed’s work as a CJP volunteer embodies our community’s greatest asset — our talented and smart people. For the past 10 years, Ed has been consulting in the risk management profession after serving as senior risk management leader at four major retail organizations, and he has brought that expertise to CJP.


Marni Levitt and Dale Okonow

Marni and Dale are the Co-chairs of the Cynthia and Leon Shulman Acharai Leadership Program — a CJP program wrapping up this month. This Acharai cohort originally launched in January of 2020, but abruptly came to a halt due to the pandemic and was finally relaunched in 2022.