CJP’s 2021 Superstars


Every year, CJP recognizes volunteers who make a positive impact in our community. Meet the individuals who are raising more money, engaging more people, and driving innovation through CJP.

A CJP Superstar:

  • ADVOCATES for our community; talks about CJP and how we help people in Greater Boston, Israel, and overseas
  • CONNECTS others to our work; leverages social, professional, and personal networks while educating peers and starting conversations about CJP
  • SUPPORTS CJP by securing new and increased gifts, and by getting gift commitments in early
  • BUILDS our community by participating in important decisions
  • ENGAGES people in our work; brings others to events and community activities

This Month's Honorees


Steven Berkowitz, Nicole Finkielsztein, and Helene Weiner

Steven, Nicole, and Helene are the Co-chairs of Together at Home, a monthly, virtual series that CJP launched during the pandemic to help young adults remain socially connected and engaged. Each month, the Co-chairs helped design interactive opportunities for young adults to come together, hear from unique speakers, and learn firsthand about CJP’s impact.



Lynne Elfland, Risa Gewurz, and Abby Fierman

Lynne, Risa, and Abby were the phenomenal Co-chairs who led our first ever Women’s Philanthropy Virtual Mission to Morocco. Together, they put an extraordinary amount of time, energy, and thought behind this virtual experience. They helped think through the various components of the mission from beginning to end, including the theme and itinerary. They thought of engaging and interesting content ideas for participants and then tied everything back to CJP's global work.



Betsy Hecker

Betsy is a dedicated and passionate volunteer with a deep commitment to the Dnipro Kehillah Project and CJP’s history of work in Dnipro, Ukraine. Over the years, Betsy has traveled to Dnipro many times and has developed personal relationships within the Dnipro community.