Leadership Development

Leadership Development creates meaningful impact by identifying and investing in young adult leaders who are making our Boston and Haifa communities more connected, equitable, and resilient.

To learn more about our Leadership Development work, email Meir or Kerem.


Adraba develops future leaders in Haifa by gathering young adult residents of Haifa for social and educational experiences. Each month, groups of young leaders gather across Haifa to explore Jewish identity and Jewish values, along with history, diversity, and tradition. The group also focuses on building the networks of those who have the potential to be leaders in Haifa’s social and cultural institutions. 

Leadership Development Program 

This program develops the leadership and management capabilities of our young adult volunteers. Through a series of workshops and group discussions, young leaders cultivate their skills as volunteers and professionals. The program also offers volunteers insight into CJP’s work across the Greater Boston community and Israel. 

Mashpi'ot Women’s Professional Network

Mashpi'ot is a young women's leadership program for residents of Haifa who want to grow personally and professionally. The two-year program offers lectures and discussions from prominent business and academic leaders, focused on management, leadership, skills development, and finding inspiration. The program encourages women to create impact both locally in Haifa and across Israel. Mashpiot’s alumni network of empowered women leaders provide continued support and mentorship to members. 

Mission to Boston

Each year, young adult leaders from Haifa and Boston come together for a week of social and educational immersion in Greater Boston. The group visits local Jewish institutions that prompt conversations around Jewish identity and the unique perspective that different communities brings to the Jewish experience. At the end of the week, the Haifaim have a new perspective on Judaism in the diaspora, while Bostonians have a deeper understanding of Israeli society and life. 


HaifaLead works with a diverse group of young leaders on campus to develop social action projects that aim to improve the city of Haifa. As an essential part of CJP's strategy, HaifaLead encourages young adults to envision their future in the city and create social change for the community by the community.

HaKol Koreh

HaKol Koreh is an open-call micro-funding grants pool that aims to support local young adult artists and performers in Haifa. It enables them to create cultural events that promote community connections and employment opportunities within the city.

This work is made possible by the Boston Haifa Connection

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