Our Peoplehood agenda inspires joy and pride in our rich and diverse Jewish identity and builds connections among Jewish people worldwide through shared experiences, education, and joint initiatives that foster belonging, meaning, and shared responsibility.

To learn more about our Peoplehood work, email Ariel or Judith.

School to School

The School to School program is focused on connecting elementary, middle, and high school students, and educators and parents from Boston and Haifa through partnerships between public, private, and Hebrew schools in Greater Boston and Haifa. Through student exchange programs, educational curricula, video conferencing and social media, students and their families explore the similarities and differences between Jewish life and identity in Israel and North America. This work aims to build lasting relationships that create living bridges between our two communities. 

Shinshinim Young Ambassadors Program

The Shinshinim Young Ambassadors Program, a partnership between CJP and the Jewish Agency for Israel, brings recent high school graduates from Israel to communities across Greater Boston and the North Shore. The Shinshinim live with American host families and share their experience of Israel while working as educators in local schools and communal institutions. The visiting Shinshinim gain a deeper understanding of American Jewish life. 

The Russian Partnerships

Seeing a unique opportunity to engage the Russian speaking population in our partner city, we created a partnership that connects members of the Russian speaking Jewish community in Boston to Russian speakers in Haifa. The program builds connections between these two communities through high school student exchanges, bar and bat mitzvah family programming, and video conferences. The partnership also builds lasting friendships while encouraging participants to examine their connection to local community and our shared Jewish heritage.

Vacation with a Soul 

This project was founded by Carol and Steve Doppelt following the Second Lebanon War. Born from a desire to turn passion for Israel into concrete action, this volunteer program takes a small group of Boston retirees on a meaningful four-week journey to Haifa each year. Participants live in Haifa and volunteer in schools and community centers across our partner city. Outside of their volunteering, participants engage in the local culture and history of Haifa, connecting with both the charm and challenges of the city. They also engage in learning sessions and community projects alongside Haifa residents and community leaders. 

This work is made possible by the Boston Haifa Connection

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