Shared Society

Our Shared Society agenda promotes a more equitable Israeli society based on mutual respect and understanding by investing in high impact partnerships that strengthen vulnerable populations in Haifa.

To learn more about our Shared Society work, email Ariel or Oshrat.

Cultural Touches

Cultural Touches shares the rich culture and history of Ethiopian Jewry with Israelis and Americans alike. Through a variety of programs, from art gallery openings, to history lectures, to musical celebrations, the Cultural Touches program also uses culture to educate people on the societal barriers faced by Ethiopian Israelis. Cultural Touches also makes space to celebrate the unique contributions to Israeli society and Judaism made by the Ethiopian Jewish community. 


Kurat aims to improve the socioeconomic status of Ethiopian Israelis in Haifa by providing vocational training, professional mentorship, and entrepreneurship opportunities to improve their chances in the job market. Job training is provided in partnership with local employers such as hospitals, high-tech firms, kindergarten programs, and transportation companies. The program focuses on providing the necessary social and technical skills to thrive post army service. Since the initiation of Kurat in 2012, more than 500 men and women have participated in the program, representing 12.5% of the working Ethiopian population in Haifa.


Successful service in the IDF is a major indicator of future success in Israeli society, yet many from Haifa’s Ethiopian Israeli community lack access to the knowledge and resources that ensure successful integration into the IDF. Netivim supports Ethiopian Israelis and other youths at risk before, during, and after military service by providing support and networks to soldiers and their families. From helping teens prepare for service, to supporting enlisted soldiers through their years in the IDF, to facilitating and guiding soldiers after they complete their service with employment and educational opportunities, Netivim helps overcome barriers faced by young Ethiopian Israelis.

Parents at the Center

Parents at the Center uses a unique parent-centered model of early childhood education and intervention, paired with a state-of-the-art facility, to support Haifa families from at-risk populations. Professional staff work with parents and their children from pregnancy through age six, creating a network of support for new parents. Given its success, CJP's groundbreaking model has attracted national partners such as the Joint Distribution Committee and the Ministry of Education who have replicated the model across Israel. The Israeli government has provided resources for municipalities to implement the program locally, trainings for professionals working in early childhood education, and a network of support for parents.


Shagrirot aims to empower women in the Ethiopian community in Haifa by developing their business and entrepreneurial skills, and fostering their engagement in social activism. Through the program, women become independent and active members of their community. Additionally, the program aims to establish and strengthen role models for Ethiopian women, thereby contributing to the overall advancement of Ethiopian society in Israel.

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