Semester Programs

'Semester abroad' programs aren’t just for college students anymore! Through the programs listed below, your high school student can experience life in Israel for a semester while still maintaining their academic requirements.

Alexander Muss High School in Israel

AMHSI offers several eight-week programs which take place throughout the academic school year (beginning in February, April and December), as well as two full 18-week semester programs (Fall & Spring).
The eight-week session is AMHSI's flagship program, based at the campus in Hod Hasharon, located 20 mins outside of Tel Aviv. It is a high school unlike any other, where college preparatory skills are gained and education is imparted through experience. History is infused into daily activities. In Israel, the “classroom” is the land itself, as you travel to the places where history was made.  While learning about Israel through first-hand experiences and enjoying all Israel has to offer, students keep up with classes at their home schools. Highly qualified teachers, experienced in teaching all levels, including AP and IB, are responsible for making sure that students complete individual assignments sent by the home schools.

The full-semester program is based at the agricultural oasis of the Eshel Hanassi Youth Village in the Negev, located 10 minutes from Beersheva. This four-month program offers students a deep and meaningful Israel experience including: a Hebrew language and cultural immersion program, a four-day hike in the hills of the Galilee traversing the country from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee (Kineret); challenging desert hikes in the Negev, followed by sun and fun in Israel's southern resort of Eilat; a firsthand experience of the I.D.F with the pre-military Gadna Program; encounters with Israeli youth who live on the same campus; and travel to Poland for an emotional voyage of discovery into the grandeur of pre-war Jewish Europe and the tragedy of the Holocaust.

AMHSI is the only high school program in Israel recognized by the University of Miami.  AMHSI students are eligible to receive 6 academic credits from the University of Miami’s George Feldenkreis Program in Judaic Studies.
Dana Gerbie Klein


The Union for Reform Judaism's Eisendrath International Exchange High School in Israel is a four-month accredited high school program nestled in the Judean Mountains.  Students live and grow together as a community, explore 4,000 years of Jewish history, learn Hebrew and get to know Israel as their second home.

Dror Leadership High School

Dror Leadership High School is semester study abroad program for 10th and 11th grade students in Israel. Our mission is to help our students become leaders in their Jewish communities and to create a lifelong connection to Israel and to Jewish history, peoplehood and culture. The weekly schedule includes learning Hebrew, attending an Israeli school with a diverse group of Israeli peers (while still maintaining a separate English-speaking class), and a service-learning project which will focus on social justice and developing leadership skills. The program also includes seminars, trips, and hikes throughout Israel, including a seminar on co-existence in the Galilee.

The school will be located in the Northern town of Karmiel, which will allow students to interact with Israelis on a daily basis in school and around town. The students will live in dormitories on a nearby kibbutz. Along with certified teachers at school, the group will have experienced counselors with them on kibbutz and during trips.  Responsible for activities outside the classroom, they will help students understand Israeli society better and help students create a safe space and positive, fun community where they can gain confidence and build lifelong friendships. We want to combine the academic rigor of high school with the best of Jewish camping. Throw Israel in the mix and you have a life-changing experience, which will help students come back more independent, responsible, and socially active in their communities.


Israel is the classroom on TRY/USY High, a semester or academic quarter abroad in Jerusalem for 10th-12th graders. In addition to stellar general studies, students learn the land of Israel, traveling the country on a life-changing journey through our Jewish heritage--seeing history where it happened. Teens experience academic excellence, meaningful Jewish observance, independent living in a nurturing and supportive environment, and a trip to Poland framed within the 3,000-year context of Jewish history. The program is offered both fall and spring semester.