Summer Programs


Part of the National Council of Young Israel Movement, Achva includes a number of summer program options.
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Alexander Muss High School in Israel

AMHSI offers six-week summer sessions with passionate and expert teachers and guides who lead participants chronologically through the history of Israel. Summer session participants are eligible to receive six college credits. Whether hiking where King Saul battled the Philistines or following in the footsteps of Ben Gurion, AMHSI Summer session participants learn in a classroom without walls, live 4,000 years of history and love Israel in an adventure that is unlike any other. As with all of AMHSI's programs, summer participants experience history for themselves in an exciting and memorable way as learning takes place in a classroom, at a beach, atop a mountain, in caves, and all across Israel. Participants are immersed in Israeli culture, live in campus dorms, and are encouraged to get a real “taste” of Israel at the nearby local restaurants, cafes and parks.
Dana Gerbie Klein


The BBYO Passport experience features a variety of program options including add-on extensions within Israel and Europe.

Bronfman Youth Fellowship in Israel

Twenty-six outstanding North American teenagers (high school juniors who will be 16 by the time the fellowship begins), from the widest possible range of Jewish backgrounds, are selected for the five-week Bronfman Youth Fellowship in Israel.  Fellows encounter the land and people of Israel, study Judaism and major issues in contemporary Jewish life and learn about themselves and each other. Fellowships cover room and board at the pre-trip orientation, round-trip transportation between New York and Israel, educational programming, and room, board and travel while in Israel, and the fall Follow-Up Seminar in New York City.

Derech Hateva's Israel Trail Teen Adventure

The Israel Trail Teen Adventure is a month-long outdoor program for Jewish teens between the ages of 14-18 from North America, Israel and around the world. With a respect for nature, participants backpack in small groups and explore, in various ways, continuous sections of the famous “Israel Trail” in the North and South.


BIG IDEA is an International Technology Summer Camp, opening doors to Israel’s world-renowned  technological innovation.  BIG IDEA introduces campers to an enriching experience that spurs creative energy.

Habonim Dror

MBI is a unique tour program for post-10th -graders interested in the Labor Zionist youth movement. While MBI is open to those who have not yet been involved in Habonim Dror, participants are expected to be involved in the movement after the summer is over.

Hashomer Hatzair

Yedid Plus is the summer experience associated with Hashomer Hatzair, a youth movement based on the principles of the Progressive Zionist movement including social justice, Progressive Judaism, self-actualization and a commitment to peace and equality.

Havaya International

Havaya International is a four-week long, life-changing opportunity to travel like a local in both Israel and across the United States, while making a positive difference in our global village. Made up of 18 American teens and 18 Israeli teens, (entering 10th-12th grades) Havayaniks will spend two weeks traveling throughout Israel with local Israelis from the 92nd Street Y's sister city in Ramat Hasharon and two weeks in the United States getting the opportunity to share their lives with their Israeli counterparts.

Mach Hach Baaretz

Mach Hach is a program of Bnei Akiva, the Zionist, modern Orthodox international youth movement.


The National Conference of Synagogue Youth offers a wide variety of summer programs in Israel.


(Kehillah Experience)
A six-week program combining outdoor adventure; workshops in the visual, performing, and literary arts; community service projects; cultural activities and creative Jewish study in Israel with Israelis.


(Reform) NFTY offers a wide variety of summer Israel experiences including NFTY Adventure (four weeks in Israel), NFTY L'Dor V'Dor (one week in Eastern Europe, four weeks in Israel), NFTY Olé (one week in Spain, four weeks in Israel), EIE Summer (six weeks in Israel), JewGlee (audition based choir will perform in Eastern Europe and Israel during the trip) and Israel in a Special Way (three-week experience for teens with special needs).  More detail on all of these experiences can be found on the NFTY website.

Noar Hadash

(Reconstructionist) After building community together at Camp JRF, participants travel to Israel for a month-long interactive experience based on a civilizational approach. Teens move through history as they find ways in which Jews have lived in Israel throughout the generations.  They spend time in all parts of the country: climbing, swimming, and singing; hiking, learning, and exploring; connecting and volunteering their way through the land.   Upon their return, they spend Shabbat back at Camp JRF.


Housed at the Technion in Haifa, Scitech is an international science and technology live-in research camp.

Tzofim Chetz V’Keshet

(Friends of the Israeli Scouts) Tzofim Chetz V’Keshet (CVK) is an Israel Program for High School aged teens 15-18, and offers the unique opportunity to have "A Summer in Israel – Israeli Style." For one month, participants are exposed to all that Israel has to offer side by side with Israeli peers and Israeli staff. Come experience and authentic Israeli summer in Israel.
Chetz V'Keshet Webpage
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(Conservative) USY offers many different experiences throughout Israel and Europe for teens and parents. Students are exposed to the history and contemporary realities of Judaism and Israel.
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Yad B’Yad

The Yad B’Yad Israel Experience brings high school students together with Yachad members (adults with special needs) on a fabulous Israel adventure. Participants form strong bonds of friendship and undergo personal growth as they experience the Jewish homeland, Israel, in a new and unparalleled way.

Young Judaea

Young Judaea specializes in giving teens the opportunity to experience Israel with their peers and explore their Jewish.  Options include YJ Discovery, YJ Italy, YJ Focus, YJ Aquatics, and YJ Machon (for Camp Tel Yehuda alumni only).  More information can be found at Young Judaea’s website.


Young@Science is a month-long program at the Weizmann Institute to study and explore challenges in all scientific fields, including laboratory and field work in addition to touring Israel. Seventy-five students from Europe, Asia, America and Israel participate.

Boston area Camp Trips

Almost all of the local-area Jewish overnight summer camps offer an Israel extension once your child’s camping years are complete but before they transition into staff.  Generally, these trips are for participants who have been attending camp for a few years.  For more information, contact your local camp directors.  Here is a list of our area camps that have Israel trips: Camp Ramah New England (Ramah Seminar), JCC Camp Kingswood, the Cohen Camps (Tevya, Tel Noar, and Pembroke), Camp Young Judaea in New Hampshire, Camps Eisner and Crane Lake (through NFTY) and Camp Micah.

Camp in Israel

A new trend is developing where Jewish teens can attend a Jewish/Israeli style summer camp in Israel. In general, these options are more appropriate for students looking for a shorter term experience and who might be a bit younger than post-10th grade.

Camp Kimama

Camp KimamaIsraels leading international summer camps. Kimama's three summer camps- where Jewish kids and teenagers (7-17) from over 40 different countries experience an empowering journey of exploration, a personal quest that generates personal growth and transition, and all in an atmosphere of belonging, continuity and freedom that promotes their spirit of adventure, curiosity and imagination.

Camp Sdei Chemed

Camp Sdei Chemed is a religious summer camp experience in Israel, with separate tracks for boys and girls.


Na’aleh is a six-week summer program in Israel sponsored by Camp Yavneh and open to the public. Teens, currently in 11th grade, travel around Israel in a small group setting. The program, which is educational in nature and strictly Kosher, includes plenty of hiking, daily prayer, interaction with Israeli teens and the use of Hebrew.
Debbie Sussman (Director of Camp Yavneh)

SOS International

SOS International is an educational travel experience led by Rabbi Joel and Aviva Tessler from Potomac, Maryland. Its goal is to provide Jewish teenagers and college students with the opportunity of doing chesed (acts of kindness) activities in order to assist and strengthen Jewish communities in the Diaspora and in Israel.

SOS International has taken teenagers and college students to Jewish communities in Spain, Croatia, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania and Israel. Some of the chesed activities that SOS organizes in Jewish communities include: cleaning cemeteries, visiting the elderly, painting schools, preparing meals in soup kitchens, packing food for needy families, working with youth, assisting Ethiopian immigrants, comforting terror victims in Israel, distributing care packages to Israeli soldiers and more.

Through SOS International participants will experience a program that is balanced with chesed, Torah learning, Jewish history and fun. SOS International participants in past years have shared that these programs have helped them deepen their love and commitment to Judaism and at the same time have increased their self-confidence necessary to make a difference.

Volunteers for Israel Summer International Youth Program

VFI has a specially designed IDF-based summer program for you. You will live, work, socialize, and have fun with young Israeli soldiers and other volunteers from around the world during one or both of the three-week sessions.