Shinshinim Young Ambassadors Program

The Shinshinim Young Ambassadors Program is a partnership between CJP’s Boston-Haifa Connection and the Jewish Agency for Israel. Learn more about the program and the 2019-2020 Shinshinim that are living in Greater Boston and the North Shore!

About the Program

The Shinshinim Young Ambassadors Program brings recent high school graduates from Israel to our communities across Greater Boston and the North Shore. Young, fun, engaging representatives of Israel, the Shinshinim are here to bring Israel into our lives through programs, activities, and lectures to people of all ages — anyone from preschoolers, to Hebrew School and day school students, to adults, and to the elderly. We get a glimpse into what it means to grow up in Israel by learning about youth movements, current events, Israeli music, Hebrew slang, shared society in Haifa, how the Shinshinim’s friends and families celebrate the holidays, and much more.

When they return home to begin service with the Israel Defense Forces, Shinshinim carry a deeper understanding of global Jewish peoplehood and what it means to be part of the Jewish community outside of Israel. Shinshinim (or Shin-Shin in the singular form) is a Hebrew acronym for Shnat Sherut, meaning “year of service.”

Meet the 2019-2020 Shinshinim

Please welcome Lihi, Maya, Yahav and Yoav, our Shinshinim representatives from Haifa, Israel and beyond! This year they will be volunteering, learning, and teaching with our partner schools and synagogues.

Maya and Yahav will be in the western suburbs of Boston and Lihi and Yoav will be on the North Shore.

Lihi is from Kfar Saba, and has two younger siblings. She has a big passion for painting in watercolors and photography.  She was in the scouts and loved her time in being an 8th grade instructor.

Maya is from Haifa and has two parents, a sister and a dog names Louie. She majored in physics and theatre in High School. She has been a scouts leader for 3 years where she has hiked many places in Israel and made many great friends. She loves to sing and dance.

Yoav is the eldest of 4, from Haifa. He loves the desert with its quiet nature and peaceful vibes. He loves sports, ask him to play soccer he will beat you to the field. His real love and passion is for music.

Yahav is from a Moshav near Kiryat Gat, in the south of Israel. He studied computer science and physics in high school and graduated with honors. He founded a youth movement that is called “That’s My Brother” which centers its activities with children who have siblings with special needs.

These four Shinshinim represent the diversity of Israeli society through their backgrounds and interests, also representing a deep love for their country and its people.


1. She loves the Kinnert (Sea of Galillee) and camping all around Israel.
2. She would love to be an educational psychologist when she grows up.
3. Her Great Grandfather is Harry Kemelman and was the author who wrote “The Nine Mile Walk” and “The Rabbi Small” book series.

1. She majored in physics and theatre in high school. She is passionate about the arts—stage arts, dancing and singing.
2. She was a Scouts leader in Israel for most of her life and it’s a big part of who she is.
3. She loves to hike and travel in Israel (especially in the Negev desert) as well as all over the world.

1. Favorite hobby is sports and has played tennis professionally for over 6 years, competing in national competitions.
2. He helped found a youth movement 2 years ago with friends.
3. He has lived in more than 7 places in Israel which has helped him learn more about Israeli society.

1. He was born and raised in Haifa and is the eldest of four siblings
2. He believes music is a language anyone can understand, and it unites people.
3. He loves the desert and hiking

Learn more about the Shinshinim: watch their videos here and here!

For More Information

For additional information, please contact Karen at or 617.457.8870.

In Partnership With

Local Program Partners:

The Shinshinim Program relies on strong community partners where the Shinshinim work regularly throughout the year, engaging over 1200 individuals on a weekly basis. The partners for 2019-2020 are:

Epstein Hillel School
JCC of the North Shore Marblehead
Lappin Foundation
North Suburban JCC, Peabody
Temple Ahavat Achim, Gloucester
Temple Emanu-El, Marblehead
Temple Shalom, Medford
Temple Shir Tikvah, Winchester
Temple Israel, Natick
Temple Israel, Boston
The Rashi School
Tzofim/Israeli Scouts
Or Atid, Wayland