Ethiopian Jews

Since 1948 more than 90,000 Ethiopian Jews have immigrated to Israel in search of religious freedom. Language, cultural and educational barriers are just some of the challenges they face. To prevent a permanent underclass from forming, we worked with the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) to create Shiluvim (integration) — an innovative, multi-year program that is changing the fate of Ethiopian Israelis in Haifa.

About Shiluvim

We’re empowering Haifa’s growing immigrant community by helping them integrate into the economic and social fabric of the larger society. We’ve established committees of Ethiopian-Israeli activists and professionals in the three most populated neighborhoods of Haifa to help assess the community’s needs and plan programs to address them.

Program Focus Areas:

  • Education
  • Family and community empowerment
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Multicultural sensitivity


The result? Haifa’s Municipality is taking on more responsibility in Shiluvim’s program coordination and funding, and its success continues to attract additional Ethiopian families.


Ariel L.