Young Leaders

Boston is a thriving city for young adults offering countless avenues for education and careers. As Haifa continues to grow, we're working with the city's young leaders to educate the world about the career and educational opportunities in this amazing Israeli Community

Boston-Haifa Young Leaders Committee

The Boston Young Leaders Committee consists of 13 young adults from the Young Adult Initiative who each bring their unique talents and connections from their professional lives and passion for Haifa and Israel. This group is composed of two groups, a group of young adults here in Boston as well as our partners in Haifa. The two sides (Boston and Haifa) work together to identify strategies to help create a vibrant young adult Jewish live for young adults in Haifa.  We work with our partners in Haifa to help development as many connections between the two groups, not just those who are members of the subcommittee, but between both young adult communities in Boston and Haifa. 

Robert Kaitz and Emily Cable 

Young Entrepreneurs

This group brings together Haifa's young business and high-tech entrepreneurs for networking, skill building and mentorship opportunities. The program is designed to help the next generation of business and technology leaders to choose Haifa as the place to start their ventures.

Community Service

One of the best ways to build community and promote social justice is through joint community service projects. In Haifa, young adults are developing their own modules for engaging young Israelis in meaningful service learning opportunities.


Karen N.