Communal Security Initiative Physical Infrastructure Grants

Physical security and access control play an important role in helping institutions of all shapes and sizes as they work toward achieving a balance between “open and welcoming” and “safe and secure.” The CJP Communal Security Initiative (CSI) recognizes that the purchase, installation, and maintenance of physical security systems involves financial costs, and for this reason we would like to draw your attention to three types of grants for which your organization may be eligible:

1. CJP CSI Physical Security Infrastructure Grants for synagogues, Chabads, and Jewish day schools in the CJP catchment area
2. Federal Nonprofit Security Grant Program grants
3. Commonwealth Nonprofit Security Grant Program grants

1. CJP CSI Physical Security Grants:

In 2020, CJP offered nearly $1 million towards physical security infrastructure grants for synagogues, Chabads, Jewish day schools, JCCs, and Early Learning Centers in the Greater Boston area. Please contact us for more information on future opportunities for these grants, eligibility, and application guidelines at

2. 2021 Federal Nonprofit Security Grant Program

In 2020, the federal government allocated $90 million for security enhancements and investments for nonprofits considered at high risk of terrorist attacks. Approximately $1.5 million of these funds were granted to Jewish organizations in Massachusetts. We have been advised that it is likely that FEMA will release the NSGP Notice of Funding Opportunity in late February 2021. Based on prior years’ experience, a brief two-week acceptance window for grant application submission is likely at that time.

We encourage organizations to review the links below and to consider preparing a grant application. The links are examples based on 2020 information, but the requirements have been similar in previous years. These grants are available to organizations within the Metro-Boston area and also across the state. We encourage eligible institutions to apply.

You may also wish to review the Frequently Asked Questions for Nonprofit Organizations document.

Please note that nonprofit organizations must apply directly to their State Administrative Agency. In Massachusetts, this is the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS). Please sign up for the JEMS email list for information on 2021 submission deadlines and updated application instructions.

Additional Grant-Related Resources:

3. 2021 Commonwealth Nonprofit Security Grant Program

In 2020, the Commonwealth Executive Office of Public Safety and Security’s (EOPSS) Office of Grants and Research (OGR) offered nearly $1.5 million in funds to places of worship, faith-based community centers, and other similar institutions to enhance facility safety and security.  Nearly half of the funds went to Jewish institutions in Massachusetts.

Although EOPSS has not yet released details relating to the 2021 Commonwealth Nonprofit Security Grant program, we anticipate that this year’s requirements are likely to be very similar to those of 2020.

In anticipation of the 2021 grant cycle, we encourage you to visit the 2020 Commonwealth Nonprofit Security Grant program website, in order to prepare for and better understand the grant application process.


Please note that in 2020, nonprofits located within the Metro-Boston Homeland Security Region were not eligible to apply for funding through the Commonwealth Nonprofit Security Grant Program, and we anticipate that this restriction will continue to be in place in 2021. This includes organizations located in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Chelsea, Everett, Quincy, Revere, Somerville, and Winthrop.

We are grateful for the work of our partners at JCRC Boston, who have lobbied tirelessly for the creation and expansion of this grant program. We encourage all eligible organizations to apply.

We invite you to visit this page again in the coming months and to register for the JEMS (Jewish Emergency Management System) to receive regular updates on this and other security funding opportunities.