The Rabbi Samuel Chiel (zt”l) Genesis Forum

In Pursuit of HaTov v’HaYashar (the Good and the Just​): Jewish Perspectives on Ethical Dilemmas

All sessions meet on Wednesdays, 12:00–1:15 p.m.
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The event is free and open to the public. Registration is required.
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Join us as we consider what Jewish tradition has to teach us about negotiating the ethical challenges we all face. Each class will examine a different issue in the light of both traditional and contemporary texts. Our teachers include rabbis, academics, and executives from Jewish organizations, all of whom will guide us toward the discovery of the right and the good.

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Hebrew College, 160 Herrick Road, Newton Centre
September 27
Walking in God’s Ways
with Rabbi Shai Held, President, Dean, and Chair in Jewish Thought, and Director of the Center for Jewish Leadership and Ideas, Mechon Hadar

October 18
Biblical Foundations of an Ethical Society
with Rabbi Dr. Benjamin Samuels, CJP Genesis Scholar and Rabbi of Congregation Shaarei Tefilah

Temple Shalom, 175 Temple Street, West Newton
November 29
Ethics Through a Rabbinic Lens
with Rabbi Jane Kanarek, Associate Dean for Academic Development and Advising and Professor of Rabbinics, Hebrew College

December 20
Going Gently into that Sweet Night: The Ethics of Life’s Endings
with Rabbi Lila Kagedan, Clinical Ethicist and Rabbi of Walnut Street Synagogue​  

CJP, Kraft Family Building, 126 High Street, Boston
January 10
Procreation and Parenthood: The Ethics of Life’s Beginnings
with Rabbi Dr. Benjamin Samuels, CJP Genesis Scholar and Rabbi of Congregation Shaarei Tefilah​

January 31
The Torah of Eating: Sourcing our Food Ethically, Consuming our Food Responsibly
with Leora Mallach, Co-founder, Ganei Beantown

February 14
I Will Betroth You to Me in Righteousness and Justice: Jewish Perspectives On Marriage and Divorce
with Lisa Fishbayn Joffe, Director, Hadassah-Brandeis Institute

March 14
Changing the World from the Inside Out: An Introduction to the Teachings and Practices of Mussar
with Rabbi David Jaffe, Kirva Institute

March 28
Stranger in a Strange Land: The Immigrant Experience
with Jeremy Burton, Executive Director, Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston

April 18
The Ethics of Jewish Warfare
with Rabbi David Ellenson. Director of the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies and Visiting Professor of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies at Brandeis University

May 16
Crime and Punishment: What Judaism Teaches about How We Pursue Justice
with Rabbi Toba Spitzer, Congregation Dorshei Tzedek

June 13
In Pursuit of HaTov v’HaYashar (The Good and the Just)
with Rabbi Dr. Benjamin Samuels, CJP’s Genesis Scholar and Rabbi of Congregation Shaarei Tefillah, and Rabbi Elyse Winick, Director of Adult Learning at CJP


Rabbi Samuel Chiel (zt”l)

הרב שמואל בן שלמה ופרימט זצ"ל

Rabbi Samuel Chiel (zt”l) was CJP’s scholar-in-residence for many years and was instrumental in founding the Genesis Forum.

Rabbi Chiel left us with a glorious legacy of communal service and teaching. At the beginning of his rabbinical career, he also proudly served his country as a Jewish chaplain in the U.S. Armed Forces. He went on to become the beloved spiritual leader of Temple Emanuel of Newton for 27 years. 

He never stopped learning and teaching, and was involved in the training of young rabbis and the continuing education of mid-career rabbis through the Rabbinic Institute at Hebrew College, as well as serving as the Jewish scholar for New Directions in Catholic-Jewish Dialogue, an interfaith program co-sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League and the Archdiocese of Greater Boston.

Rabbi Chiel was renowned for his unique combination of erudition, insight, empathy and warmth. He was a master speaker and teacher of Torah, as well as a great believer in and advocate for the elevating and healing powers of spiritual practice. Through our study, we hope to memorialize Rabbi Chiel for eternal blessing.