Give Help—and Hope—This Passover

Jewish social service agencies depend on support from the community to help those in need. For Benjamin, agency help made all the difference during a difficult time.

Benjamin had an upper-level management job and was able to support himself and his wife Cheryl, who is disabled and unable to work. But at the age of 58, he found himself laid off and unsure of his future.

Unable to find work, he and Cheryl fell behind paying their bills. They went through their savings and were selling their possessions. They couldn’t afford car repairs or health insurance, and foreclosure on their home was looming.

Then Benjamin contacted Yad Chessed, one of many Jewish social service agencies supported by CJP. These agencies provide services from employment training to emergency cash assistance to pay for food, utility bills and other urgent needs. Thanks to CJP funding, Benjamin received immediate cash assistance to pay for car repairs and health insurance, and help applying for the public assistance benefits that he and Cheryl qualified for.

With their immediate needs met, Benjamin was able to focus on his job search, and today he is back on his feet with full time employment.

“The help I received got me over the humpI will never forget this.”

When you make your Passover gift, you provide immediate support for our community’s urgent needs. A single gift helps put food on the table, pay bills, and bring hope to those who need it most. Together, we can do more.