Give Help—and Hope—This Passover

Your gift will help keep the doors of opportunity open for those who are struggling to provide themselves and their families with basic needs.

Lisa and her husband were educated, employed and expecting their first child. But after they both lost their jobs, the soon-to-be parents found themselves living entirely off their credit cards as they searched for work for months.

Eventually, they both found part-time work, with Lisa’s husband even putting together four part-time jobs—but it still wasn’t enough. They were living paycheck-to-paycheck. They couldn’t afford repairs to their car, they were at risk of losing their apartment, and they had little money for food which made keeping kosher at Passover seem impossible.

Lisa knew she needed to ask for help—and her Jewish community responded by showing her its door is always open. With support provided by CJP’s Anti-Poverty Initiative, Lisa and her family were able to receive crucial cash assistance for their immediate needs, and food assistance to keep their strong faith and commitment to keeping kosher during Passover.

Because of the help they received, Lisa’s husband was able to further his education to advance his career. Lisa now has a position at a Jewish social service agency, doing work that she loves with a personal understanding of those who come to her for assistance.

“I realized that I wasn’t alone. I felt very good asking for help—everyone was very respectful. We are able to move forward.”

When you make your Passover gift today, you will provide immediate support for our community’s urgent needs, and will keep the door open for anyone looking for our help in the future.