Yuliya's Story

A little over a year ago, Yuliya had just started working at her first full time job after college.  She was thrilled to be working at a daycare, but definitely enjoyed her days off to the fullest.

“I remember waking up on my day off,” says Yuliya. “The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day and I couldn’t wait to go enjoy it. At breakfast, my mom noticed that my lymph nodes were swollen. Like a typical Jewish mother, she insisted that I go to the doctor.”

Though annoyed that the appointment would interrupt her perfect day off, Yuliya agreed to go. She expected a quick visit that would end with her getting a prescription for antibiotics. Instead, by the end of that day, she was sitting in a room with five doctors, a handful of test results and a bill for almost $2,000.

“They told me the word no one wants to hear: ‘cancer.’ My family was of course, devastated. And we were scared—not just about the disease, but also about how we would pay the bills,” she remembers.

Soon, Yuliya had to take a leave of absence​ because she couldn’t risk picking up an infection from the children at daycare. Her mother’s paycheck alone wasn’t enough to pay the rent and all the other necessities.

“The three of us are originally from Ukraine, and we’re a tight knit family. But there are times when even a strong family needs help,” Yuliya says.

It was during this scary time that she happened to speak with someone she knew at Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters, who recommended CJP’s warmline. This toll-free service (1-800-CJP-9500) connects people in need to services in the Jewish community.

“After all the calls to doctors offices, and to insurance companies, I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to get a live person on the phone,” says Yuliya. “Someone who listened, and was kind and reassuring. They helped me cover those first medical bills and ensure we could pay rent, and they also gave me hope.”

Yuliya received services and financial assistance from Yad Chessed and Jewish Family & Children’s Service, both of which are supported by CJP.

“During the worst time in my life, CJP’s support picked me up and helped me get back on my feet.”

Today, Yuliya is officially in remission and is back at work. Your support helps people like Yuliya and hundreds of other families who need a helping hand during tough times.

Learn more about CJP’s warmline and how you can help