Helping Young Adults Map Their Jewish Journeys

Thanks to the enthusiastic support for the Bridge to the Future Fund, CJP is reimagining the model for engaging young adults more deeply in Jewish life and redefining how we build and sustain Jewish community.

A key component of our increased investment includes relational engagement. Last fall, CJP hired three Community Connectors tasked with introducing young adults to the plethora of Jewish programming, organizations, and social opportunities available in Greater Boston. Equal parts community organizer, concierge, friend, and advisor, it is their mission to reach out to and/or follow up  with people in their 20s and 30s to find pathways of connection throughout our Jewish community.

Last year, our Community Connectors interacted with more than 500 young adults through one-on-one meetings and small group events. “We are giving young adults a low-barrier entryway into Judaism through a social and cultural lens,” said Caleb Alemany, one of the Connectors. “We hope to guide those looking for ways to connect and engage with Jewish life and community in ways that are personally meaningful.”