Social Justice (Tzedek)


Inspired by our shared Jewish values, the CJP community is dedicated to repairing the world and pursuing tzedek for all. CJP works on social justice issues in two ways: first, we bring Jewish values to bear on society's most pressing issues. We also work in coalition with the broader community to create systemic change that will directly benefit the Jewish community. We’re examining issues through a uniquely Jewish lens and leveraging the strength of our diverse partnerships to strategically address critical issues.


We’re helping refugee families and individuals move from crisis toward security. We know that the experience of coming to America as a refugee or an immigrant is challenging, even after the arduous journey is over. We all benefit when we ensure that people who are new to America have access to services and support that help them move from crisis to stability. For these reasons, we focus on addressing systemic gaps for people after they arrive in the United States. Our work addresses critical needs ranging from legal support to programs and services that make people feel more welcome and help them begin a journey towards economic self-sufficiency. As urgent needs and issues evolve, CJP is working with experts and partners who are strategically positioned to make an impact.



Today, Boston is experiencing a housing crisis. The effects of homelessness are devastating, and families throughout our Jewish and broader communities are facing the possibility of unsafe, and uncertain housing. Research shows that the most effective and economically efficient way to address homelessness is to prevent it in the first place. Using our Jewish values as our guide, working with experts and partners, we’re taking action and using proven, cost-effective methods to help vulnerable people avoid eviction and stay in their homes.