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When an anti-Semitic flyer was found in our community by one of our Media Room students, we jumped into action and reported the incident to the ADL. At the same time, we launched a campaign to ensure students know what to do when they encounter anti-Semitism: Record, Relay, Report. https://www.adl.org/reportincident


It's so easy and simple to make shakshuka. Follow the instructions in our video and share your shakshuka with us on social media using the hashtag #ShareYourShakshuka :)

BDS: The Horror Movie

Media Room students created this spoof of a horror movie trailer to warn students about BDS and its malicious tactics. It may be a spoof, but BDS is real and scary... and it’s coming!

Lorde, Come See Israel For Yourself

When pop singer Lorde canceled her concert in Tel Aviv following pressure from BDS activists, Media Room students created a video to send the message that the famous singer wasn't just boycotting a country, she was boycotting her fans.

Generations of Israel

In honor of Israel's 70th Independence Day, Media Room students created a video to share their pride of Israel! It shows how every Israeli generation has confronted and overcome challenges, to emerge even stronger.

United for Freedom of Speech

The University of Minnesota chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine infringed upon freedom of speech by sabotaging Moshe Halbertal’s lecture simply because he is Israeli. This video called for signing a petition to the administration, and it resulted in a condemnation of the act.

Israeli Tech Meets New Year’s Resolutions

Check out how Israeli innovations and technologies can help you keep your New Year’s resolutions. From healthy eating to saving money, there’s an Israeli app for that!

United Against Hate

Media Room students created this video encouraging viewers to stand united against the destructive forces of hatred


Media Room students created this video to show off Tel Aviv’s vibrant and popular music scene by highlighting major artists who have recently played concerts in Israel.

Israel - Extreme Yourself

You may think of Israel as a place of conflict and friction or of holy sites and antiquities, but it is also a hub of outdoor fun from surfing the Mediterranean to snowboarding the Hermon. Israel has it all!

Message from Boston to Roger Waters: #MusiConnects

Pink Floyd leader Roger Waters has been on a malicious campaign against Israel. During his 2013 tour, he wore Nazi-like uniforms on stage, mocked the Jewish people and urged artists to boycott Israel. Waters is bringing his tour to Boston.  We have rearranged his words to send a message that music should connect, not divide people.

The Truth About Israel Apartheid Week

The Israel Apartheid week is accompanied by the chant ‘From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free.’ The Boston Media room exposed the slogan as the one used by terrorists worldwide to incite the complete annihilation of the Jewish state.

Michael Bennet and BDS

NFL player Michael Bennett refused an invitation to visit Israel. Well, Michael, you can’t tackle the issues if you don’t show up for the game!

Our App

The ACT.IL mobile app puts advocacy in the palm of your hand. Users can report online incitement, sign petitions, comment on articles, and share pro-Israel news stories. Find it on Google Play or in the App Store.