Introducing Project Inspire

You already know that Israel is the start-up nation, but did you know that Israel is also the stand-up nation? 

Israel is often the first country to respond to humanitarian crises and has been coordinating relief efforts throughout the world for decades. From renewable energy to information technology, Israeli technology, know-how and innovations are improving, enriching, and saving lives.

Project Inspire offers young adults the opportunity to witness Israel’s global innovation and grassroots impact up close. Why? Because we believe that inspired individuals can catalyze meaningful positive change in the world. Together, we will explore how ingenuity and entrepreneurship can combat poverty, tackle injustice, and build a safer and more just world.

Our motto is: Get Inspired. Inspire Others.

After the trip, all participants are required to lead an independent community education project to bring the impact of their experience back to Boston. Learn more about what trip alumni have done.