Building Momentum

The CJP President Search Committee has exciting progress to share with our community. Over the past month, the committee has been hard at work identifying, qualifying, and screening potential candidates for this important position. More than 500 individuals have been sourced, hundreds of whom have been screened. Today, we have identified several dozen of these individuals for in-depth review and consideration. We will narrow our list down in the coming weeks, and we will begin interviews in December and January. Feedback from candidates in almost all instances is that CJP engenders great respect on a global basis, and this position represents an exciting opportunity. This is good news.

We are also pleased that this list of candidates meets our criteria to consider individuals with diverse and interesting backgrounds. 53% of our candidates are men and 47% are women. Half currently work at a Jewish communal organization and half work outside of the Jewish communal world. They come from all parts of the US, Canada, and Israel.

We expect that the first round of interviews will yield a smaller group of finalists for additional in-depth conversations during January and February. The committee will then work with our Board of Directors to review the finalist(s) and determine the next steps.

We are grateful for the positive feedback we continue to hear from many of you, including wide-ranging support and encouragement. We remain committed to our goal and will continue to work very hard through the coming months to select the next President of CJP.

As always, if you have ideas, suggestions, or input, send us a note and we will follow up.

Shira and Aron 


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