Listening to and Learning from the Community

The President Search Committee has been hard at work during the summer months. Starting in early August our search firm, SpencerStuart, spent the day at CJP offices meeting with staff to understand their views on what would make a great future leader. Small group meetings and individual conversations took place. Feedback was positive and team members offered very helpful ideas and insights.

In mid-August, the search firm led an additional two full days of conversations with various individuals and groups that represent our community leadership. This includes group conversations with heads of the partner agencies such as the JCC, JCRC, Jewish Family Service of Metrowest, Gateways, and others; the former board chairs of CJP; day school heads; the Massachusetts Board of Rabbis; and CJP Board members. At many of these meetings, members of the search committee participated to hear firsthand what our community partners have to say. This was an enlightening two days of listening and learning, and it is already helping to shape our perspective. We will continue with more conversations in September, including meeting with representatives of other important constituent groups. We are also planning an online survey in September where we will connect with more than 25,000 CJP supporters and interested individuals to solicit additional feedback.  

We hope you can see that the Search Committee is working hard to connect with as many people as possible so that we can listen and learn. The outcome of these conversations will be the creation of a requirements document and job description that we will actively use to evaluate candidates for the President position. We are also energized by the feedback we have been receiving from the community, including the recommendation of numerous potential candidates from all over globe. We are compiling this list of names for review and evaluation. In the coming weeks, we will also start the process of sourcing candidates for consideration that might otherwise not come to our attention. If you have names of candidates that you feel we should consider, please let us know at or reach out to one of us directly. We value your feedback and insights.

Our timeline remains the same with the objective of having a new President at CJP at this time next year. Thanks for your support and encouragement.

Aron Ain and Shira Goodman
Chairs, CJP President Search 


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