Our search is complete. . . thanks to all of you!

This morning the CJP Board of Directors voted and approved the selection of Rabbi Marc Baker to be the next President and CEO of CJP. Marc was the unanimous recommendation of the President Search Committee and we could not be more excited about him stepping into this role.

Last April, we began our search process. The task was formidable—to find a worthy successor to Barry Shrage. For 31 years Barry redefined the very notion of what a federation could do and could be. He redefined what it meant to be the leader of a federation. Under Barry’s leadership, CJP drove change. Could we find a leader who could build on Barry’s peerless example and make CJP urgent, helpful, and relevant for a new generation?

Because the stakes were so high, our process was extremely rigorous. We began by reaching out across the community—listening to hundreds of folks from all walks of the Boston Jewish community. We reached out to hundreds of prospects, including dozens recommended by our community. The Search Committee did the painstaking work of narrowing the field to six extremely experienced, talented, and diverse finalists. We met with each of them for hours—walking away inspired by their passion and impressed by their intellect. 

One candidate stood head and shoulders above the rest: Rabbi Marc Baker. In addition to being a mensch—humble, understated, easy to talk to, totally approachable, with a great sense of humor—Marc is also one of the towering thought leaders and community builders of our time. He combines great vision and communication skills with the ability to get things done. Most of all, he will bring great passion to this role. In the words of one of his references: “His heart beats for every Jewish person on the planet.”

Marc is delightful, but we were not simply wowed by his charm. We were wowed by his substance.

We thank the entire Boston Jewish community for supporting us in this search—giving us input, referrals, and support along the way.

We thank our colleagues on the Search Committee for their hard work. The many hours we spent together were productive, meaningful, and dare we say—even fun.

We thank the CJP Board of Directors for entrusting us with this sacred mission.

And now we want to ask you, the Jewish community of Greater Boston, to join us in making the search a success by supporting Marc as we move from strength to strength together.

Thank you.

Shira Goodman and Aron Ain

Chairs, President Search Committee


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