Amanda Goodman

Amanda served as the chairperson of CJP’s recent Families with Young Children Task Force and will continue as a member of the newly forming Families with Young Children Advisory Committee. Amanda is passionate about the work of families with young children, as a parent of three children and as an early education professional.

She brought great insight to our task force in both of these capacities, shepherding the goals of the group and sharing expertise and experience with other task force members to lift up the work that CJP is focused on. Amanda is a team player, working in partnership with CJP staff and other volunteers to elevate successes, to ask questions strategically and thoughtfully, and to always push our thinking. She always provides timely, concrete, and critical feedback to meetings and written materials. Amanda is someone you can count on – she shows up ready to activate and grow her networks and support the work of CJP. She believes in the vision and mission of the work and is a role model volunteer.