Beth Moskowitz and Lorin Seidman

Beth Moskowitz and Lorin Seidman were the chairs of CJP’s first-ever Major Gifts Virtual Mission to Israel and Around the World.  As CJP continued to explore ways to engage our community of donors during the pandemic, Beth and Lorin partnered with several CJP professionals and departments to develop and implement an extraordinary hour-long Virtual Mission to a number of global Jewish communities.  

Thanks to Beth and Lorin’s active and enthusiastic involvement, more than 200 individuals joined together to travel to Israel, Argentina, and Ukraine to explore these global Jewish communities and connect to CJP’s important work.  Reaching out to those who had already traveled with CJP and potential future mission participants, Beth and Lorin created a welcoming experience to further build and strengthen our community during these challenging times.  Through their eyes, words, and very personal recollections, we were all transported on a journey of hope.