Elyse Balder, Amanda Clayman, and Stephanie Singer

Elyse Balder, Amanda Clayman, and Stephanie Singer were this year’s Women’s Philanthropy (WP) Pomegranate Society & Friends Virtual Mission to India Co-chairs. Elyse, Amanda, and Stephanie did a phenomenal job planning, recruiting, and executing our second WP virtual mission, which is no easy feat!

They were thoughtful about every aspect of the mission including recruitment and fundraising strategies; developing content that would be interesting and exciting to viewers; enhancing the overall experience with a gift sent to registrants before the event; and so much more – they didn’t leave a detail untouched. The Co-chairs, along with the wonderful event committee, were able to get over 300 women registered for the mission to India. This virtual opportunity was very well received, and our WP community is excited for our next virtual travel experience. Elyse, Amanda, and Stephanie are incredible volunteers who are dedicated to furthering CJP’s mission. It was such a pleasure working with these three women and we are so grateful for their leadership!