Heidi Pearlson

Heidi Pearlson plays multiple roles within CJP and the Greater Boston Jewish community as a leader in Boston’s philanthropic and financial communities. Heidi has chaired events such as the Financial Services Dinner and the Women’s Philanthropy Annual Pomegranate Society and Friends event, has been a participant in our Leadership Learning Circles, and can be found helping the boards of some of CJP's partner organizations understand financial issues and trends.

Currently, she serves on the Board of Managers, which oversees the investments of the Jewish Community Endowment Pool and BILH; she is a long-standing member of CJP’s Investment Committee; is on the Donor Advised Fund Task Force; and she is Chair of the Executive Women’s Mission to Israel planned for September 2022.  In every role she takes on, Heidi is warm, hardworking, and committed to creating a thriving Jewish community. She brings and welcomes new faces to CJP through her networks from her board involvement at both Jewish and non-Jewish organizations. She shifts easily between people of all ages, backgrounds, and careers, and graciously fulfills the role of ambassador for CJP. Heidi is a valuable leader in all capacities; she has the ability to assess priorities and make critical decisions based on the big picture. We are so grateful for Heidi’s example as a model volunteer!