Marni Levitt and Dale Okonow

Marni and Dale are the Co-chairs of the Cynthia and Leon Shulman Acharai Leadership Program — a CJP program wrapping up this month. This Acharai cohort originally launched in January of 2020, but abruptly came to a halt due to the pandemic and was finally relaunched in 2022.

Throughout all of the challenges and uncertainties of COVID-19, Dale and Marni continued to be advocates of the mission and goals of Acharai and, above all, the experience of the participants. They brought their enthusiasm, energy, and creativity to recruitment, relaunching the program, and to CJP’s first programmatic mission back to Israel since the pandemic. Marni brings incredible warmth to each session, ensuring everyone feels welcome and motivating the group to connect and engage. Dale’s passion for mentorship guarantees a meaningful connection for the participants and inspires growth and innovation in all of his interactions. Together, they bring a wealth of leadership experience and a passion for excellence to the program, and we are so grateful for everything that they have done over the past four years to make this program a success.