Molly Shuman, Zach Goldberger, and Danielle Greenberg (as a group)

Zach, Molly, and Danielle, served as CJP's three Chai Society Committee co-chairs last year, and Zach and Molly have continued their leadership into their second year. All three of them have proven themselves to be the true embodiment of CJP Superstars as shining examples of the next generation's commitment to our community.


They have consistently demonstrated their exceptional dedication as CJP ambassadors. They eagerly contribute to our mission, whether it involves posting on social media and within their networks, recruiting event attendees, meeting with prospective young adults, or fearlessly addressing the wider Boston Jewish community during our events. Their passion and willingness to engage with volunteers is truly commendable.   What truly sets Danielle, Zach, and Molly apart is their unwavering commitment to sharing CJP's work. They go above and beyond to ensure that our vision is not only understood but embraced by all. Their enthusiasm knows no bounds, and they actively seek to inspire others.   Together, they formed a dynamic trio, ready to share their ideas and feedback, most importantly, to put those ideas into action. They aim to make CJP and Chai Society the place to be for young adults who are seeking a sense of community, a platform for giving back, and a source of joy and connection. Not only do they bring people together but empower them to make a meaningful impact and start their journey with CJP. We are eager to see their continued growth and ongoing impact of their volunteer efforts within our community.