Phyllis Brick

Phyllis Brick, a former Campaign Chair for Women’s Philanthropy, has been one of CJP’s most reliable campaigners for more than 40 years. The matriarch of a very active family, Phyllis shares her enthusiasm for CJP and our Jewish community with both family and friends. 

Each year, Phyllis continues to engage more than a dozen CJP constituents with her communications and solicitations. She prides herself on staying informed about all things related to the organization so she can answer questions that come up during her calls. During the current health crisis, Phyllis is contacting donors on her list on behalf of CJP. After confirming their good health, she successfully pivots to share updates from CJP and where appropriate, sensitively solicit support. She is a true advocate for our work and recognizes the importance of building and maintaining community, especially during these challenging times.