Reva Fischman

Reva truly is a CJP Superstar, engaging as a CJP board member and as a Co-chair of the executive committee of The Miriam Fund (TMF). Reva is an active community member who leverages her widespread network to educate, connect, and engage people with CJP’s work and TMF and to build support throughout our community for today and the future.

She is thoughtful and smart in the ways in which she advocates on behalf of CJP, TMF, and the organized Jewish community. Reva brings a collaborative and strategic approach to discussion topics, reflected in her work on CJP’s Equity Task Force and her co-leadership of TMF’s FY22 strategic plan. Reva also supports CJP’s work as a philanthropist — both to the annual campaign and to TMF. Reva is the kind of person who attracts others, and she uses this gift to broaden our reach, deepen people’s understanding, and make a bigger difference.