Participant Blogs

Back to Reality. Now What?

By Sapir Weizman

Ever since I was young, I recall asking myself over and over, “What is my role in this world?”

As a young girl with big dreams, I thought I should join the police, or at least be one of those cool people from CSI: Miami that catches the bad guys and makes the world a b…

Hope in Flames

By Rachel Spekman

A Nepalese family of five gathers by the glow of the fire. The embers burn bright as they sip tea and warm the palms of their hands. A small child pops candy in his mouth. A mother scoops water out of a bucket and rings a rag. The father carries a basket full of wooden flu…

Fighting the Hydra

By Shane Godek

Day six of Project Inspire Nepal gave our group an opportunity to hear about some very important work being done in Nepal. Our itinerary kicked off with us visiting with Antardristi at their safe house for girls who have suffered from sexual violence. Their organization has…

A Foreign Country, but Not a Foreign People

By Ayelet Katzelnik & David Lantsman


Arriving at the Kathmandu Chabad House for Shabbat dinner, the Project Inspire team was warmly greeted by Tami, the wife of Rabbi Mendi who oversees the Chabad House in Pokhara, a town that is about a 7-hour drive from Kathmandu. To the left of …

Nepal’s Investment in Women and Health

By Rebecca Shirazi and Marisa Kwoczka

This morning the Project Inspire team woke up in the countryside overlooking the Kathmandu Valley with distant views of the “smaller,” as our guide Sanjeeb describes some of the Himalayan mountains. (We are still hopeful we will see Everest before w…