Participant Blogs

Fair Trade Judaica

By: Olivia and Alex

Every day, hundreds of migrants arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border. The largest group hails from Guatemala, and includes many indigenous Mayan villagers fleeing severe hunger and drought in the country’s western highlands.

Back home, community groups and nonprofits figh…

Shared Hope and Passion for a Better World

By: JoAnne Ovadia

As I spoke with friends and relatives as I prepared for my nine-day trip to Kenya and Uganda, I struggled to find the right words to describe my reason for travel. I informed people that it was a trip designed to inform and educate young Jewish professionals on the impact…

Cassava Fries and Jewish Goodbyes

By: Erika Kane

Sadly, our Project Inspire adventure is coming to an end. I am writing this post from the Entebbe airport where we are waiting to board the first leg of our flight home. In contrast to our entry into the country, we breezed through the check-in line and customs without any se…

Reencountering the Familiar

By: Jordi Goodman

Today has been a parliament-filled bureaucratic day that, I regret to inform you, I will not be able to process for quite some time. That being said, as we sit on the bus heading back to the hotel, I will try my best to put into words what little I have processed so far.

A Culture of Community

By: Patrick Morse

After yesterday’s super-long adventure, we didn’t have to wake up until a luxurious 7 a.m. (the latest of the trip so far!). The hotel breakfast delighted us but also confused us with the white yolk inside the egg—certainly a Google search waiting to happen.

We star…