Participant Blogs

Well. What. A. Day.

By: Rebekah Diamond

We started our day bright and very, very early—leaving the beautiful country of Kenya for Uganda. We had a lot of luck with the infamous Nairobi traffic, only encountering a few backups. But not to worry—the Kenya airport provided plenty of travel adventure and excit…

A Day with Kenya’s Wildlife!

By: Meri Winter

Today was all about the amazing wildlife of Kenya! We started the day at a giraffe sanctuary called Giraffe Center, where we got to feed giraffes and learn about them. Since Africa is home to many endangered species, the center was created by the African Fund for Endangered…

A Mingling of the Nations

By: Oren Petraru

“The United Nations was set up not to get us to heaven, but only to save us from hell.”
—Winston Churchill

This message was loud and clear during Project Inspire’s visit to the United Nations headquarters in Nairobi (one of four U.N. headquarters; the others are lo…

Innovative Women: The Future of Kenya

By: Emily Zeidman

Today was all about the Kenyan women who are challenging gender norms to create change in their communities and ultimately improve life for the next generation.

We met Ronald Diang’a and Kenneth Chepkwony, two of three founders of a for-profit social enterprise called …

Mambo! Karibu Kenya – Hello! Welcome to Kenya

By: Joanna Rothman

Wow! What a thought-provoking and amazing first day with Project Inspire. We arrived late last night to our beautiful hotel in downtown Nairobi, Kenya, and we were up early this morning for a jam-packed day of inspiration.

Our first stop was to the Embassy of Israel, whe…