Participant Blogs

Jerusalem, the Eternal Capital of Israel Street?

By: Nathan Singer

Today was another wonderfully thought-provoking day in Guatemala. We were privileged to meet with Israel’s ambassador to Guatemala, Mattanya Cohen, and Na’ama Levy, Israel’s deputy ambassador, at the Israeli Embassy in Guatemala City. Our lively discussion touched on…

A day at the farm

By: Jen Goldberg

International development. Aid. Social responsibility. What do these terms mean? What are the ethical and moral implications? How does one’s culture impact the answers to these questions? We can discuss, explain and debate. And then, you might just know a model that you a…

HERstory in Guatemala

By: Meggan Levene & Stephanie M.

It’s election season in Guatemala—but not just the one that’s getting all the international media attention. Our visit to Colegio Naleb, a school founded by Roberto Vizcaino De Leon after he studied at Mount Scopus University in Israel, overlapped wit…

A New Look at International Development

By Yoni Michanie

As someone who has been involved with public diplomacy and international relations, both academically and professionally, I have always looked at international aid skeptically. I have assumed actions and policies to be driven solely based on interests, always searching for…

Am Israel Chai

By Clara Scheinmann

In the Jewish tradition, we are taught to ask questions. After returning from a week in India with CJP and JDC Entwine, I feel like I have even more questions than before we left.

My questions range from technical to philosophical, and while I know that I may never get …