Participant Blogs

Shabbat Shalom - Take a Walk with Us Through Mumbai

By Lauren Pyes & Jen Brownstein

The Project Inspire group has spent three full days here in Mumbai, and while the activities that make up our schedule vary from day to day, we anchor each evening with a discussion about what resonated with each of us. During our initial visit to the Chabad …

Israel in Mumbai

By Emily Kates & Allie Pinosky

On day two of our trip, we got a real sense of the endlessness of Mumbai. The city is home to 22 million people and growing every day. To accommodate the needs of this large city, the municipality is building a subway system, which has closed streets all over …

Taking in the Flavors of India

By Alaina Pleatman

What a whirlwind the past 48 hours have been! Amazingly, we were able to transport 14 Bostonians and two staff members to the other side of the world without any hiccups.

In an orientation session leading up to our trip, we studied Jewish texts with CJP’s Rabbi Elyse W…

Exploring Cultural Traditions Around the Globe

By Emma Scheinmann

For a while now, I’ve been interested in different cultural traditions around the globe and learning about culture while actually experiencing it. To me, observing and participating in how tradition is played out in a different culture is a great learning opportunity. …

“Making Whole”—Tikkun HaOlam

By David Gaines

Last Wednesday, we had an orientation meeting to prepare for our upcoming trip to India with CJP and JDC Entwine. During the orientation, CJP’s Rabbi Elyse Winnick led our group in a conversation about the concept of tikkun ha’olam—“making whole.” Up for discussi…