Noa Ohayon Bab

Noa Ohayon Bab is a brand marketing specialist, a networking coach, and a community builder. Noa is a leading figure in the Israeli tech ecosystem, working for and offering mentorship to VCs, startups, and global corporations. Until recently, she was Head of Employer BrandingInternal Communications at eBay. She also plays a key part in the marketing world and the up-and-coming field of community building strategy as a marketing development tool.

Noa is experienced in creating marketing plans for consumers and products, identifying and developing innovative brand strategies and plans to drive engagement and product adoption, as well as representing a global brand and advocating its goals.

Noa is also co-founder of a leading job search platform in Israel, Dana and Noa Make My Career (over 90,000 followers and 250,000 monthly reach), which offers jobs related to non-engineering and social sciences, as well as a series of offline/in-person career development workshops. 

The Dana and Noa Make My Career nonprofit startup strives to democratize career opportunities. Thousands have already found their jobs via this initiative and tens of thousands have stated that it has positively affected their career paths. With great power comes great responsibility, so Noa and her team make a huge effort to support diversity and inclusion of specific groups into the labor market.

With more than 10 years of unique experience in the tech ecosystem, marketing, and HR, Noa is a popular speaker at conferences and events, as well as a sought-after professional advisor and mentor for several startups and institutes in said fields. She's particularly known for her talks, “Future of Work,” “How to Pave Your Career Path,” and “The Secret Recipe of the Start-up Nation.”

Noa earned her Master of Liberal Arts from the Hebrew University's Interdisciplinary Honors Program. She’s also a graduate of executive programs from MIT and Princeton University.