A Helping Hand When They Needed it Most

David and Sharon worked hard all their lives, always finding a way to make ends meet. When David was diagnosed with cancer, everything changed. The impact of his diagnosis was compounded by the fact that Sharon was also struggling with back problems that left her unable to work.

Still, Sharon managed to care for David through his chemotherapy treatments, but their financial survival was yet another challenge. Though they lived in subsidized housing, David’s disability check didn’t cover their basic needs.

During this crisis, they turned to Yad Chessed, a social service agency that receives support from CJP to ensure that direct emergency financial assistance is available for Jews in desperate need.

“Like Yad Chessed, CJP knows that that people cannot begin to approach long-term solutions if they are hungry, cold or homeless,” says Sandra Fisher, Associate Vice President for Caring and Social Justice at CJP. “We provide funding to our agencies who assist people struggling with chronic poverty, as well as those facing unexpected economic crises.”

Soon after reaching out to Yad Chessed, David and Sharon began receiving monthly food cards. Yad Chessed was also able to pay some of their medical bills so that their limited income could be directed toward paying their rent.

Last year, CJP and our social service agencies provided support to 5,877 individuals and families in crisis, assisting them with coordinated care, counseling, food and nutrition services, employment support and emergency financial assistance. By providing these basic “safety net” services, we can help more families get back on their feet and back on the road to self-sufficiency.


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