CJP Scholarships Puts College Within Reach

Every year, CJP’s Scholarship Committee receives applications from hundreds of students who need our help in order to fund their college education. This year, thanks to our generous donors, we were able to award scholarships and no-interest loans to 57 local students who demonstrated financial need.

Cara* is one of those students—full of potential, but short on the financial resources to pay for college. Her ‘A’ average in high school helped her earn admission to Princeton University, along with the daunting challenge of the tuition bills that would follow. For Cara’s mother, a social worker who raised and financially supported her daughter singlehandedly, the Ivy League price tag was beyond reach.

CJP’s scholarship program has helped thousands of local students get a college education.

And yet, for Cara to pass up this opportunity would have been a terrible waste. According to one of Cara’s teachers, “She is the best writer I’ve seen in six years of teaching, and she has developed the maturity of insight and expression necessary for the most demanding college curriculum.” In addition, Cara volunteered during high school and over summer breaks, working to understand and address social problems. She served both as a volunteer at a local soup kitchen and as an intern for a government agency that protects children at risk.

“The CJP Scholarship Fund was created for students exactly like Cara,” says Melissa Jacoby, chair of the scholarship committee that approved Cara’s application. “She’s smart, caring and she’s a leader. I’m so pleased that we can support her education—I can’t think of a more worthy investment for her future, and the future of our community.”

As for Cara, she says the scholarship has already helped: “I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done. The money I received is already helping to ease a lot of the stress I have regarding finances. I just want to personally thank you and CJP for all the hard work that was put in to help me.”

*Names changed to protect privacy


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