Karen Kuwayti: Circle of Excellence Commitment Award

Karen’s dedication, integrity, and skillful management as Associate Vice President of Marketing are key to her success. Karen develops and directs many of CJP’s strategic marketing initiatives, leading a talented team on everything from large-scale communication plans to CJP’s social channels including our website and JewishBoston.com, as well as working with CJP’s outside PR agency to generate positive press coverage. If you’ve ever seen a CJP video, like this year's Impact Video, then you’ve seen Karen’s imaginative, thoughtful, and creative work. If you attended the recent Evening of Celebration for Barry Shrage, then you laughed and cried at the loving video tributes she produced. Karen joined CJP 15 years ago and she continues to be an integral member of CJP with enthusiastic and unwavering commitment to collaboration and the CJP mission.