Michael B. Rukin (z”l)

Welcoming Interfaith Families to Jewish Life

An Inclusive Legacy for Generations to Come

As an entrepreneur, Michael B. Rukin (z”l) was never interested in doing something that had been done before. In addition to the business world, he applied his passion for progress to his philanthropy and his volunteer service to the community.

Long before many others, Michael recognized the need to warmly welcome and engage all who wish to participate in Jewish life. As CJP Board Chair in the mid-1990’s, Michael led a cultural shift in Boston’s Jewish community that today has made it one of the most welcoming and inclusive in the country.

Always thinking forward, Michael wanted his work to touch the Jewish community for generations to come so as to inspire the next generation of Jewish philanthropists.

To achieve this, Michael left a bequest to CJP to establish a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), which is advised by the Michael B. Rukin Charitable Foundation.

Michael’s generous gift has enabled his pioneering work to continue through the Foundation, which recommends grants from the DAF in support of CJP’s welcoming and inclusion initiatives. Now, nearly 20 years since Michael served as CJP Board Chair, CJP’s interfaith work remains a national model of excellence thanks to the Foundation’s continuing leadership and generosity.

Michael’s daughter Morreen Rukin Bayles, who now serves as trustee and board member of the Foundation, is thankful to her father for passing his philanthropic torch. “It’s my introduction to his Jewish world,” she says. “It’s the best gift that my dad has ever given me.”

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