The Onward Israel Boston Story

This summer, CJP sent 70 Boston-area college students on a life-changing trip through Onward Israel Boston, which is supported by The Lavine Family Leadership and Service Learning Fund. In Boston, this national program is funded by CJP and the Jewish Agency, and is organized by Career Israel of the Israel Experience. Through internships and service learning projects, students immerse themselves in Israeli life, add to their resumes and develop a deeper sense of their Jewish identity. This year, thanks to donors like you, we sent more students than any other single community in the U.S.

In their own words:

“I know the streets of Jerusalem, I’ve made friends and connections here, and I have so many memories all over this city and all over this state. The next time I come here, it won’t feel like I’m visiting a foreign country; it will feel like a second home to me. It already does.”
—Lilia Gaufberg, intern at the Ethiopian National Project in Jerusalem

“Onward Israel Boston has allowed me to work amongst Israelis at an exciting start-up company in Jerusalem, live in the center of town close to an array of shops and cafes, and travel around the country to places that I have not experienced before.”
—Matt Haimowitz, intern at AnyClip in Jerusalem

“Working with the elderly population was like discovering a new side of Hadar (in Haifa). These people shared such tear-jerking and unbelievable stories of their lives with Hanna and me. Every day, we spoke with these people and I actually think we did make a difference.”
—Donna Vatnick, volunteer at an elderly care center in Haifa


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