DAF Fees and Investments

What Fees Are Charged?
The CJP Donor Advised Fund charges fees based on the following schedule:

First $1,000,0000.50% Next $2,000,0000.25% Amounts above $3,000,0000.20%


CJP’s Committee on Development reviews and approves the administrative fees periodically and may adjust them from time to time. The CJP DAF Program operates on a December 31 calendar year basis. Fees are based on an average daily fund balance, and are withdrawn from the fund on a quarterly basis.

Administrative fees do not include underlying investment fees, asset custody fees, fund unitization or online access.

DAFs being funded with real estate and/or non-publicly traded securities, and other intangible or personal property, will be funded net of expenses and administrative fees related to accepting and liquidating such assets. Please contact Charlie Glassenberg, Vice President, Risk Management and Investment Partnerships, at 617-457-8540 or charlesg@cjp.org.

Investment Options

CJP offers four investment options for all DAF funds:

  • The Diversified Fund is designed as a total return portfolio to realize the potential for capital appreciation while secondarily generating current income.
  • The Fixed Income Fund is designed to emphasize greater current income consistent with prudent risk.
  • The Equity Fund is designed to achieve long-term capital appreciation consistent with that of the broad equity markets.
  • The Money Market Fund is designed to provide preservation of capital and liquidity with limited current income.

Click here for more information on these investment options.

For DAFs with balances of greater than $500,000, access to the Jewish Community Endowment Pool, LLP (JCEP) may be available subject to certain guidelines. Please contact Charlie Glassenberg, Vice President, Risk Management and Investment Partnerships, at 617-457-8540 or charlesg@cjp.org.