Wonder Woman - Jackie Finard-Hughes

A mission to Israel with CJP in 2011 inspired Jackie Finard-Hughes to explore her connection to the Jewish community in more depth and to consider ways she could give back. Her relationships with CJP professionals and other volunteers have been instrumental in helping her find her philanthropic passions. Jackie says, “I give to CJP because it supports all of the organizations in the community that are important to me.”

Jackie is involved with Women’s Philanthropy so she can be a positive role model for her daughters, Molly and Izzie, and show them the importance of volunteering. Additionally, Jackie says, “Being around other women who prioritize giving back gives me energy and inspires me to devote more of my time and resources to making a difference in the community.”

Jackie currently serves on the Executive Board as VP of Engagement and is excited to be co-chairing the Women’s Philanthropy cookbook project!


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