Wonder Woman - Judith Sydney

Jude has been involved with CJP for more than 20 years. Early on she was part of the Young Leadership Division and the Real estate professional network, and more recently she became involved with Women’s Philanthropy.  Jude has developed connections and friendships with women of all ages. “WP gives women the opportunity to push boundaries and be creative, and I am grateful for the chance to not only to find my inner passion but to help others find theirs as well,” she says.  

Jude co-chaired the Annual Pomegranate Society & Friends Event last year and is serving on the event committee this year.  She works with extraordinary women, and uses her connections to expand the profound impact of CJP. “Women have a natural ability and power to build strong relationships with one another and to work collectively to make positive changes in the world around us. I feel blessed to be a part of the Boston community.”



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