Wonder Woman - Arlene Bryer

For many years, Arlene Bryer had been a donor to CJP, regularly attending Pomegranate Society events. But it was her participation in last year’s Leadership Development Series that spurred her to become more involved in Women’s Philanthropy.

“The series made me more aware of all the wonderful programs that WP and CJP offer,” she says. “I also loved meeting interesting, like-minded women who are passionate about Judaism and Israel.”

Connecting with new participants is a central part of Arlene’s role as WP’s Vice President of Outreach. Working with Denise Rosenblum, she ensures that women new to WP feel welcome before, during, and after events.

“In such difficult times, it's reassuring to have a group like WP where women can come together to share mutual interests and support each other,” Arlene says.

In her outreach work, Arlene knows that a simple conversation, an invitation to coffee, or a note in the mail can make a huge difference in helping someone feel comfortable joining a group like WP.

“Do not be daunted by getting involved,” she says. “You can do as much or as little as you have time for. WP is a great way to meet passionate woman who share the same interests as you do. I promise you will not regret any program that you attend. Join us!”

Be sure to introduce yourself to Arlene when you next see her at a WP event!


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