Wonder Woman - Elyse Marsh

Throughout the years, Elyse Marsh attended many CJP events and programs, mostly through invitations from her friends. But, it was her participation on the 2013 Women’s Philanthropy Mission to Israel that truly solidified her own personal connection.

“I made so many wonderful friends and connections on that trip, and I have remained close with most of the women,” she says. “I returned from that mission with 40 ‘sisters,’ and we continue to support one another, stay involved, and attend many events together.”

Elyse has continued to build on that experience, and, last November, she and her husband, Ben, co-chaired a CJP Mission to Cuba.

“Without a doubt, the many friendships and connections in the community that I have made through CJP have been the highlight of my involvement,” Elyse says. 

Her advice to new women? Just get involved!

“Try attending one or two events — they’re a great way to make new friendships, deepen existing ones, and do great work in the community and abroad,” Elyse says. “You’ll also learn an incredible amount about the current challenges facing Jewish communities, both in Boston and abroad, and how you can be a part of the solution.”


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